Momenta and Qualcomm Announce New Intelligent Driving Solutions for Advanced ADAS and AD Functions Built on Latest Generation Snapdragon Ride Platform


Beijing - April 22, 2024 - Momenta, a leading autonomous driving technology company, and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a global innovator in automotive technology, have announced a range of scalable automotive products based on new intelligent driving solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD). As a part of the cooperation between the two companies, the new scalable automotive products utilize Momenta's groundbreaking data-driven algorithm that covers all driving scenarios from urban landscapes to highways. These products are developed utilizing Flywheel technical insights with power-efficient and scalable architecture of the latest generation Snapdragon Ride™ Platforms (SA8620P and SA8650P) to enable advanced ADAS/AD functions, ranging from Highway Navigation  Pilot (HNP) and map-less Urban Navigation Pilot (UNP).  The new automotive products offer an impressive performance of 36 to 100 highly optimized dense Tera Operations per Second (TOPS), which is greater than equivalent system performance with double sparse TOPS, enabling intelligent driving functions for ADAS/AD across various vehicle types, including mainstream new energy and gasoline-powered vehicles. The new intelligent driving solutions are among the world’s first automotive products based on the latest generation Snapdragon Ride Platforms and are currently integrated into the development process with global automakers for advanced functions and is expected to be in production vehicles later this year.



Xudong Cao, CEO of Momenta and Lei xian, vice president, sales and business development, Qualcomm


The intelligent driving solution for ADAS/AD features a comprehensive range of features to support diverse driving and parking assistance scenarios. These include the highly capable Highway Navigation Pilot (HNP), the Urban Navigation Pilot (UNP), the Memory Navigation Pilot (MNP), the intelligent Learned Parking Navigation Pilot (LPNP), and the convenient Parking Navigation Pilot (PNP). These features help ensure that the solution can handle various driving situations with ease and provide a seamless driving experience.  Moreover, the intelligent driving solution is designed to be scalable to 11V systems, allowing for seamless integration into a wide range of vehicles. It offers flexible sensor configurations, including the 7V3R and 7V1R options, which contribute to its competitiveness as an advanced intelligent driving solution. This flexibility enables automakers to tailor the solution to different vehicle models and configurations, meeting the specific requirements of their customers.


The intelligent driving system should also help reduce the bill of materials (BOM) cost of the hardware system for automakers, allowing for widespread adoption, and acceleration of the integration of intelligent driving technology into vehicles.


“Qualcomm Technologies' latest generation Snapdragon Ride Platforms bring cost-effective advanced intelligent driving solutions to the automotive industry,” said Xudong Cao, CEO of Momenta. “With the Snapdragon Ride Platform's strong traction with global automakers, we are excited to accelerate the adoption of advanced intelligent driving on more mainstream vehicles as a standard, our goal is to bring safe and enjoyable autonomous driving experiences to users.”


“We look forward to working with Momenta to promote the widespread adoption and application of advanced intelligent driving on vehicles,” said Anshuman Saxena, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “With Momenta's algorithm capabilities and the technological advantages of the Snapdragon Ride Platform, our companies can help provide enhanced product experiences and cost-effective solutions, helping widespread the application of intelligent driving to users, while making advanced intelligent driving as a must-have function on more vehicles.”


“We are excited to see that Momenta and Qualcomm Technologies launched one of the world's first ADAS/AD solutions based on the latest Snapdragon Ride Platforms,” said Lei Xian, vice president, sales and business development, Qualcomm International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. “We believe this joint work will enable automakers to advance the development of their high-level intelligent driving features for the production vehicles since this year, making the industry to really enter an era of ‘making every vehicle intelligent’.”


As a part of the working relationship, both companies will explore the development of additional solutions based on the latest generation Snapdragon Ride Platform and Snapdragon Ride Flex SoC (SA8775P) for advanced intelligent driving solutions with integrated cockpit-driving features.

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