Momenta Supplier ESG Policy

2024-04-03 Momenta


Momenta Global Limited and all its subsidiaries and affiliates (the "Company" or “Momenta”) have established this supplier policy for the purpose of clearly communicating the relevant basic requirements and benchmarks of Momenta to external partners.

Momenta hopes and expects that all its external stakeholders will fulfill its environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments. In addition to corrective action that is consistent with contractual rights and applicable laws, a breach of this Supplier ESG Policy may result in the termination of your business relationship with Momenta.

Thank you for being our partner, for sharing our commitment to ESG, and for adhering to our Supplier ESG Policy.

2.Compliance with Laws

Momenta expects that, together with Momenta, the suppliers will strictly comply with laws and regulations and maintain high ethical standards in their business operations. It is important that in providing services to Momenta, suppliers and their employees should understand how to apply relevant standards, laws and regulations. No supplier has any right to ask its employees or other persons to violate relevant standards or laws.

3.Respect for Human Rights

Momenta respects the universally accepted principles of human rights, including the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Momenta expects that, together with Momenta, its Suppliers shall respect for human rights in all aspects of operational activities.

4.Prohibition of Child Labor

The suppliers shall not exploit children or employ child labor. The minimum age of employees that the suppliers may employ shall be sixteen (16). The suppliers shall not employ any minors under eighteen (18) in hazardous job positions, including but not limited to positions exposed to occupational disease hazards.

5.Prohibition of Forced Labor

The suppliers shall prohibit all or any forms of forced or compulsory labor, allow employees to have the freedom to work and respect the fundamental principles and rights at work as defined by the ILO.

6.Working Hour and Compensation

The suppliers shall comply with the labor laws, including provisions on minimum wages, overtime work and maximum working hours, and shall at least guarantee providing thier employees with legally mandatory welfare benefits. If the suppliers operate in an industry with voluntary standards which are higher than those legally prescribed by applicable laws and regulations, Momenta encourages the suppliers to provide their employees with salaries and welfare in conformity with the standards initiated in the relevant industry.

7.Anti-discrimination, Anti-Harassment and Anti-Violence

Any discrimination on the race, color, religion, ethnic group, descent, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, disability, age, or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws shall not be tolerated. The suppliers shall not discriminate in their hiring and employment practices (e.g., payment of remuneration, promotion, salary increase, etc.).

The suppliers shall ensure that all persons are treated humanely, with respect for their dignity and privacy, and avoid imposing or causing any physical harm, other inhuman or degrading treatment, sexual exploitation and discrimination. Momenta expects the suppliers to have in place a dedicated system to identify, avoid and correct unacceptable labor practices, such as harassment, unreasonable actions, discrimination, physical or mental punishment, or other forms of threats or aggression (such as physical aggression, abusive threat, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, any form of corporal punishment, or other mental and/or physically coercive punishment).

8.Health and Safety

The suppliers shall comply with all or any laws, regulations, rules and industrial standards related to health and safety. Momenta expects the suppliers to commit and support the continuous enhancement of the health and safety of its operations, of its employees and of the surrounding community, to be responsible for and take necessary actions to prevent accidents and injuries, to analyze and manage health and safety risks, to protect their assets, to ensure sustainability of business operation, and to maintain its own credit rating.

9.Anti-bribery and Anti-Corruption

The suppliers shall not influence other business partners or government officials to obtain unreasonable benefits or advantages by giving, promising to give, providing or accepting anything of value. Government officials include government employees (including employees of government-controlled entities such as healthcare, energy and media organizations in parts of the country or region), elected officials, political party officials or candidates for public office/political party positions. The suppliers shall not offer "commission fees" (even de minimis amounts) to any government officials to expedite routine administrative processes.

10.Gifts and Business Reception

Momenta does not permit its employees to accept or provide gifts, entertainment or other business reception from the suppliers having business dealings with Momenta. To allow such business reception will unreasonably affect the partnership between Momenta and the suppliers, and in such a case, Momenta cannot accept such commercial entertainment.

11.Privacy of Employees and Data

The suppliers shall respect for the privacy of their employees, of Momenta's employees and of Momenta's customers. While providing the services to Momenta, Momenta expects the suppliers to lawfully and reasonably protect and process personal data of Momenta's employees and customers under the instructions of Momenta. Momenta expects the suppliers to provide training on data security to their employees (including employees of subcontractors providing services to Momenta) to ensure that they understand and comply with all the requirements and responsibilities for protection of Momenta's information and data security. Momenta undertakes that, unless otherwise permitted by applicable laws, Momenta will not trade, sell or lease personal data delivered to Momenta.

12.Environment and Sustainable Development

The suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and relevant policies related to environment laws. Momenta expects the suppliers to share Momenta's commitment to sustainability and to minimize resource consumption, and to promote energy conservation and renewable energy, to protect the environment and to reduce its environmental footprint in providing services to Momenta.

13.Complaint and Communication

Momenta encourages the suppliers and employees of the suppliers who provide services to Momenta to report to Momenta any breaches of laws or relevant policies by Momenta. Momenta undertakes to review all submitted contravention reports by a professional team and ensure to conduct thorough, impartial, factual and consistent investigative action in relation to confidentiality requirements. The email address for compliant and communication is

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