CCTV 10 Featured a Driving Demonstration in Beijing with the Zhiji IM L7 EV


CCTV 10 recently featured a driving demonstration in Beijing with the Zhiji IM L7 EV, powered by Momenta’s autonomous driving technology. The story shows how the system manages cut ins, breaking predictably and smoothly. It also shows how Momenta’s data-driven approach has evolved to recognized irregular shaped vehicles on the road and how to navigate around them.

Finally, the system helps drivers park in even the smallest parking area safely and accurately. According to a Momenta engineer, the technology can sense the target more accurately, anticipate the intention of other cars earlier and in time, and perform more “human-like” in its driving decisions. Momenta’s aspiration is to scale and deploy improved autonomous capabilities with the aim of increasing the safety and efficiency of smart mobility.

Click here to watch the original video on CCTV website.

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