Momenta’s Data-driven AI Approach was Recognized in a People’s Daily Story


Momenta’s data-driven AI approach which “trains” highly autonomous vehicles to “understand” and navigate the different road characteristics between China and Europe was recognized in a People's Daily story this week. According to Huan Sun, GM of Momenta Europe, it took the company a week to solve a problem that would normally take three months. 


“In Stuttgart, Germany, Momenta, a Chinese self-driving technology company, is now testing its cars on local streets every day. Based on its data-driven "flywheel" technology, the company can automatically and inexpensively understand and navigate the differences in road scenarios and driving habits between China and Europe, allowing autonomous driving algorithms to "do as the locals do" in Europe. General Manager of Momenta Europe Huan Sun said that in the real car test of a European project, Momenta’s closed-loop automation toolchain automatically performs data screening, labeling, training and integration in the background, resulting in automating the original algorithm iteration. “We only took a week to solve the problem that the normal process takes a quarter to solve,” she said. 


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