Momenta Officially Released Mpilot Pro


During the Shanghai Autoshow 2023, Momenta - the world's leading autonomous driving company - made an exciting announcement by officially releasing Mpilot Pro. This highly advanced AI product, which was developed using NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, provides users human-like experiences and pushes the boundaries of what's possible in this exciting field.

On that same day, Momenta and NVIDIA had a fantastic opportunity to strengthen their cooperation and discuss the future of the automotive industry. This fruitful collaboration is focused on driving promising innovation and progress in the future of mobility.

Mpilot Pro is tailored for mainstream mid-range vehicles priced between 20,000-46,000 EUR (150,000-350,000 RMB). It offers industry-leading autonomous driving features without LIDAR and HD Map, thanks to Momenta's Flywheel data-driven technical insights and mass production capability on NVIDIA DRIVE Orin. Mpilot Pro provides basic ADAS (Autonomous Driving Assistance System) and APA (Automatic Parking Assist), as well as advanced HNP (Highway Navigation Pilot), UNP (Urban Navigation Pilot), UCP/HCP (Urban and Highway Cruise Pilot), LPNP (Learned Parking Navigation Pilot), and PNP (Parking Navigation Pilot) features.

Tong Liu, NVIDIA Automotive General Manager in China said: "The cooperation between Momenta and NVIDIA is based on our leading technology and strategic consensus of both parties in AI and autonomous driving fields. NVIDIA has leading technology and experience in the field of autonomous driving chips, while Momenta promotes the leading data-driven software algorithms to achieve end-to-end autonomous driving capabilities with full coverage. The integration of the advantages of both parties will further promote the development of the autonomous driving industry."

Xudong Cao, Momenta’s CEO confirmed: "We will continue to cooperate with NVIDIA to create industry-leading autonomous driving products to promote the development of autonomous driving technology. We are dedicated to bringing better autonomous driving products to our users, and providing people with safer, more convenient and more efficient traveling experience."

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